25 years ago, Waheid started his career as a tailor. In that time he worked as an apprentice, rose up to become a master tailor at Neiman Marcus and opened his first shop, Master Tailors of Georgetown, in July 2017. Through all of this he has experience with all types of luxury brands, knows the different cuts and styles that they adhere to, and can match that to the clients needs.

He has built a team of master tailors that are dedicated to customer service and quality. They’ve worked with generals, officers, diplomats, business men and women, congressman, CEOs, athletes… The list goes on, but despite all these titles, Waheid treats all of his customers with the same attention and respect.

He is proud to say that, “Master Tailors of Georgetown does everything the right way, the first time. We deliver quality goods on time and ensure the perfect fit.”


In addition to Waheid, each tailor in our shop has over 20 years of experience. The team brings a balance of expertise from women’s clothing to men’s garments. Our tailors are capable of working on a variety of materials, including leather, denim, wool, fur, velvet, lace, bridal gown appliqué and more. Whether you need a bridesmaid dress tailored, winter coat alteration, pant hem, menswear alteration, bridal gown alteration or anything in between, you are in the right hands.